Friday, October 21, 2011

A yummy breakfast after a "wake and bake"

I enjoy smoking herbs and I enjoying eating. I also happen to enjoy cooking when I'm stoned enough to want a delicious meal but not too stoned that I can't get my ass off the couch. I also love taking pictures of food. Not just the food I cook of course, but I do enjoy capturing images of my meals that will help me remember the cuIinary experiences I've had while I was stoned. Whether it is a delicious home cooked meal by my sister when she stays at my apartment, whether it's a hole-in-the-wall pizza place or some unforgettable take-out, or even a fancy restaurant where the waiters smile at the sight of our bloodshot eyes, tasty food is always a stoner's best friend.

I had talked about creating a blog for stoners who enjoy delicious food when they smoke instead of some cheap double cheese burgers from the fast-food restaurant closest to their place. And instead of taking the talk, I thought I'd just walk the walk.

Today I woke up and decided to cook breakfast. I don't usually get to have breakfast when I roll out of bed to get o work on weekdays. I celebrated the beginning on my three day weekend with a hot coffee and a joint and then I sat down in front of the computer. After a few minutes editing pictures from my last trip, I started noticing a growing need for some good food. I gathered all the ingredients for a tasty breakfast sandwich and got to work.

I did not take a picture of the first egg I broke that turned out to be all red inside. It was almost disgusting enough to kill my appetite. But I learned to overcome many instances in the past where my appetite should have been gone after witnessing things I should not have witnessed.

A slice of colby cheese on a toast in the oven, a cheese omelet with some cilantro, and some bacon on top. It could have been delicious if I hadn't burned the toast but I guess that's what happens when stoners cook: They forget things in the oven.

Note: The salad was just for the picture but I did eat it.

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