Monday, February 23, 2015

Movies in a plate: "Ghostbusters"

As a child, one of my favorite movies was Ghostbusters. It was trippy, funny and it had ghosts, so needless to say I watched it many times. I've also been compared to "Slimer", who in the movie spends his entire time eating and finishing leftovers from strangers' plates. What can I say? I hate to waste!

I was very excited when they announced the production of "Ghostbusters 3" that we had been wanting for so many years. I celebrated the way I usually celebrate good news and enjoyed a nice meal with a lot of beer.

This is made out of rice, carrots and Ground mushrooms. Once I was done taking my picture I added the rest of the ground mushrooms and some homemade vinaigrette and finished the plate in a record time, staying true to my old nickname "Slimer".

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