Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Laurel Tavern", Studio City


Lunch breaks can get expensive when you like food and beer, and right around the corner from my editing bay, "Laurel Tavern" serves both. They have a good menu with fresh produces and you can get unusual items such as roast marrowbones or a chorizo fondue and you can share plates such as the "prosciutto and burrata" or the mussels as an appetizer. They have fantastic burgers, the atmosphere is always casual and the crowd usually young. If you go on a Friday evening you might be able to spot a celebrity in the crowd.

Our drinks came fast and the gorgeous waitress was the perfect amount of nice: Nice enough that we don't have to look for her every time we want something but not too overly nice that it becomes obvious she's only being friendly for her tips and that we want her to get off our back.

The Racer 5 has become one of my favorite beers, but I'm not sure it's a goo choice with an actual meal. It's s full bodied beer that will give you a buzz in no time but it tends to overpower the tastes of  food, even though the chorizo sliders were quite strong and well seasoned. 

The second a dessert....was probably not necessary but then again maybe the first one wasn't either. However, both beers contributed to the awesome culinary experience that is "Laurel Tavern".

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