Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Rush Street" Comfort food

When I was in High school friday evenings meant buying some Popov, partying unil dawn and passingo ut in somebody's backyard. Now I enjoy finishing the week with a delicious meal. I have a few restaurants I enjoy going to for comfort food around L.A and "Rush Street" in Culver city is definitely one of them.

I started my meal with the one item I always have to order when I go there: their Mac & Cheese. It's simply the best mac & Cheese I've had around town and I have tried this dish at lot of other places that are known for it. They bake is with truffle oil, garlic, and a blend of local farmhouse cheeses. It is not only delicious but pleasing to the eye with the crust perfectly baked and the cheese dripping on the side of the bowl. It makes it fun to pick the grilled cheese of the bowl at the end.

After cleaning out that plate I tried their grilled prime sirloin steak, topped with gorgonzola and red wine reduction, over grilled asparagus, sautéed spinach and potato cake. It was a little overcooked again but it was delicious and the potato cake was surprisingly flavorful.

When we were enjoying a digestive (Malibu and pineapple juice, because I like girlie drinks) on their patio we met a guy who hid next to us and asked us if it was okay to light up a joint. I didn't see any reason why he shouldn't but I kept an eye on the big security guard that was happening to walk by when he took his first puff. He even offered to share his doobie with us but it looked very small and I didn't want to burn my fingertips or my lips so I passed. It's always a great time at "Rush Street" when it's not completely packed on Saturday nights.

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  1. Rush street should hire you to write their Menu. And I fully agree. Their mac & cheese is fantastic!