Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Enterprise Fish Company" Happy Hour - Santa Monica

Every time I leave this place, I get confused. Not because of the Pinot Noir that was served in big glasses, but because of how much the bills ends up being at the end of this so called "Happy Hour". However I do tend to come out very happy and It's always a feast of small appetizers that are original and include fresh seafood such as the steamed mussels and oysters. We did order six oysters and they fresh and easy to pull out of the shelf. It came with a garlic marinara dip and a butter sauce.

We also shared their famous traditional Ahi Poki. It's a salad made of cubes of raw tuna, onions, lettuce and roasted bell peppers. It's always a crowd pleaser and a great item to share. We stayed at the happy hour from 4pm to about 10pm (actually the happy hour on saturday goes from 4pm to 7pm and then starts again at 9pm to 11pm. The bartender refilled our glasses at a good pace and the waitresses were all adorable. The food came quickly and it was perfectly cooked.

A lady sitting next to me at the counter spilled her glass of red wine all over my crotch and my brand new favorite wool jacket, so I can't say it was the perfect experience but I was sharing these drinks with one of my best friends who was visiting from France, and catching up and sharing stories while drinking a full-bodied wine and eating Kobe beef sliders made me forget my pants looked like I played paintball again.

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