Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My new favorite Chocolate

Opening the mailbox isn't what it used to be.A decade ago we were still eager to open it in the hope of finding a letter from a lover or a Christmas bonus from the grandparents. It was always an exciting experience, filled with colorful stamps, scented paper and creative writing. It often came as a surprise and was a thoughtful gesture. Now, I have to dig through the massive amounts of coupons and advertising to get a hold of the bills that are overdue because....I never open my mail. We get e-cards, texts and emails for Christmas where dozens of other friends can be attached in the same message at the same time. Last week though, I received a package from my awesome friend in Switzerland who mailed me back the sunglasses I had left at her place. Since it was Christmas time, she even sent me some chocolate covered marshmallows two tablets of some of the most amazing chocolate I had ever had. The chocolate was filled with chocolate mousse inside and it had pieces of Hazelnut. It was like a fancy schoko-bon!...I did however sit on my favorite pair of sunglasses and broke them...but the chocolate made me forget all about it.

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