Monday, April 30, 2012

"Tender" Steakhouse - Las Vegas

A little more than a month ago my mother flew from France for two weeks to visit me. Since we hadn't seen each other in a few months we decided to do something fun together to celebrate my birthday and we bought tickets to Las Vegas at the last minute to gamble some money, drink by the pool and enjoy a good celebration meal. After looking at all our options we took a nap and headed straight to the Luxor and give their Steakhouse a shot. 

When we got to the restaurant they told us there was a 10 minutes wait. It seemed long enough to go buy a pack of cigarette, sit at a slot machine for a few minutes to get a free beer, play a few dollars and chain smoke about ten cigarettes in a row. One hour later we walked up to the host again and sat at our table, sneaking in a drink from the casino in my mother's purse. The steaks looked gigantic and the decor was inviting.

Here's what we had for diner

soup tasting trio: split green pea and smoked ham hock soup, Maine lobster bisque and wild mushroom soup

Angus beef carpaccio

surf and turf sliders 16
Kobe and foie gras meatloaf sliders and Alaskan king crab medallion with truffled onion and artichoke aioli  

wild game tasting, broken arrow ranch, texas 36
Nilgai antelope osso buco, axis venison medallion and wild boar loin with farro, fig chutney and cranberry demi-sauce

Creme Brulée

Everything was delicious and I surprised myself wanting more of the soup that my mother had ordered. They were all succulent. I was a bit disappointed that the waiters didn't attempt to sing "Happy Birthday" when they brought my desert but it was so good I forgot about that mishap 

See more of their fabulous menu on their website

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