Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"Blue Dog Beer Tavern", Sherman Oaks

One sunny morning I woke up feeling a little sick after a night of munching on chocolate, cookies and cheese. I rolled the morning joint that was going to help my stomach feel a little better and then I received a text from one of my good friends who wanted to meet for lunch and since I hadn't seen her in a while I rolled another one and headed north to the forbidden valley.

We met at the "Blue Dog Tavern", a little restaurant right off the freeway at the intersection of the 405 and the 101. It has a nice outdoor patio with a beautiful view on the 405 and a gas station. It was a very warm day and I started getting dehydrated when I arrived so I ordered my beer before looking at the menu. After evaluating my options, glancing at the tables in the dining room and considering my sick yet starving stomach, I opted for a bacon cheeseburger with fries.

We sat outside in the burning heat of the valley and we started drinking.  The food came fast, \the burger was perfectly cooked and I had a hard time finishing my meal but I did....and I also finished my friend's salad.

After we left the restaurant we went for ice-cream in the nearby mall and I had a giant chocolate waffle cone filled with goodness. Needless to say I had to smoke another one to help my stomach recover from this indulging meal.

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