Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Brick + Mortar" - Santa Monica

After last night's meat-and-beer orgy, we woke up somewhat early, brewed coffee, drank it, brewed some more, drank it, and rolled a giant morning after joint (the joint that is supposed to help you feel better during your hangover). Since the award winning movie "Boat Trip" was on the telly, we decided to watch it and laugh at the unfortunate series of events that led Cuba Gooding Jr to play in this movie and his character to end up on a gay cruise. After a few laughs and a few more cups of coffee, I finally headed to Santa Monica were a friend was celebrating her Birthday at the "Brick and Mortar" on main street. She decided to celebrate there since on sunday they offer a bottomless Mimosa from 11am to 3pm for 15$....and when I responded to the invitation, bottomless anything alcoholic sounded like a good idea.

It was my first time going there and after spending a few minutes going around the block to find parking I finally arrived at the restaurant where everyone was holding their precious glass of mimosa. My stomach was still hurting and the mere thought of having more champagne with orange juice was making me cringe. But there was a good surprise when I got there, they were also having a "bloody Mary Ultimate Bar" where you create your own bloody Mary with all kinds of delicious toppings such as shrimps, olives, asparagus, roasted vegetables, lemon, spices, various seasonings, and dozens of bottles of hot sauce. Since I would like to believe the urban legend that the bloody Mary is a great hangover cure, I went for it and ordered a large glass....Well, I ordered a glass and it just happened to be large.

When the bartender handed me the glass he told me to try the deviled eggs that he had made himself that morning, and you usually don't have to beg me to try food. I started gazing at the choices for my first customized bloody Mary. I started digging in and picked up a few olives and put some salt and pepper, a little bit of seasoning, some fresh garlic, some steak sauce and then I grabbed a bottle of hot sauce because I love my bloody Mary to be spicy. I opened the cap and poured what seemed to be a reasonable amount in my giant glass. Happy with what seemed to be a good looking drink, I headed out to the patio to meet up with everybody. As I made my way out, I stirred the drink and tried a sip of my delicious concoction. I first tasted the delicious tomato juice that seemed to be partly freshly made, but I soon forgot about that when the spicy hot sauce hit the back of my throat and the first drops of sweat appeared on my forehead. I had made one big mistake.

I looked for my friends while pretending to enjoy what seemed to be a challenge in "Man Vs. Food" but I had a hard time finding them and I wasn't quite ready to take on that challenge. After visiting the restaurant and realizing everyone was outside smoking (Yes, most of them were French), I introduced myself to a few people out on the patio while wiping my sweaty forehead. 

I don't know if it was during the seventh or eighth sip that I realized that there was no way I was going to enjoy that drink or for that matter be able to even drink it, but I decided to go back to the bar and apologize for my lack of good judgment and they kindly gave me a new glass of vodka and tomato juice after I promised not to open any hot sauce again. I picked all of the same ingredients again and ran away from the long line of hot sauce bottles and had a great time afterwards. The staff was amazingly kind and the bottomless glasses of mimosa were never empty. I can't wait to go again and try their enticing menu.


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