Sunday, May 13, 2012

Late Night Snack Epic Fail

Yesterday a few of my friends came by for a last minute BBQ on my balcony. We had delicious beef kebabs, marinated steaks, merguez and a homemade fruit salad with a sinful chocolate cake. Despite the absence of the sun, we jumped in the hot tub, drank some beers, rolled some joints and shared some laughs. 

All the food was gone pretty fast and we ended up making a batch of crepes to finish off this extraordinary meal. Trader Joe's sells chocolate covered banana slices in the frozen section and we ended up filling the crepes with these treats and Nutella (I even drizzled a little Honey because it wasn't quite sweet enough otherwise). 

Once we finished the bowl of batter, I licked the Nutella off the fork I was using, and enjoyed a digestive joint with the last few BBQ survivors. When everyone left, the munchies came knocking. Since I had been cooking all day I decided to make myself a grilled cheese before brushing my teeth and going to bed.

I took out a slice of bread, put some sliced chicken and a slice of Swiss cheese on top, turned the oven to 375 degrees, and threw everything inside before sitting on the couch to watch an educative infomercial reminding me that my abs could look a whole lot better with just a few monthly payments. I rolled another spliff before reaching for the remote control to change the channel. I started looking at the movie channels to see what movie was going to put me to sleep that night and stopped on a random independent movie that seemed interesting. I lit up my perfectly rolled concoction and just like any other male who has satellite TV and a remote control, I started browsing again without ever stopping long enough to see what the shows are about. Channel 539, 538, 537, 536, 535.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I'm not sure if it was the music of the end credits from the movie playing on my TV or if it was the daylight creeping in but six hours later, I opened one eye on my couch. As I tried to open the other eye and establish the damages done the night before I smelled something fishy.... cheesy ....funny.... 
Something just wasn't right.

I stood still in the middle of my living-room, pivoting on my feet and moving my nostrils like a drug detection dog in a Colombian airport. And suddenly I woke up. I ran to the oven and opened it to try and salvage what was left of my grilled cheese... 
The only thing I have left of this snack is a picture that I will cherish forever. 

R.I.P Grilled Cheese!

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