Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Versailles" - Culver City

Famoso Pollo Versailles - Versailles Famous Garlic Chicken

House specialty

juicy roasted half chicken marinated in our delicious garlic sauce garnished with sliced onions.

This Cuban restaurant has one of the most confusing name for a hungry stoner.  The first time I had diner there was for one of my birthdays with a friend from USC a few years ago, and when he told me to meet him at this place I thought I was going to a French restaurant and was quite surprised when I arrived there. However I was pleased with my first Cuban experience and have gone back there many times since then.

They have a very diverse menu with everything from marinated pork to Mahi-Mahi and the portions are so big you should really share it with a friend the first time you try it even if you have the munchies. 

So after smoking the early evening joint that celebrates the coming of another giant dinner, we called in our order of "Famoso Pollo" and after what seemed to be an eternity we managed to pick Moro as our side dish (It's the rice and beans cooked together with some spices). On the way back we stopped at the liquor store to buy some beer and a Mega Milllions ticket and started getting anxious as the smell of the chicken got to our nostrils.

Once we got back home, we jumped on the box and devoured its content. This chicken was delicious, and if you take it to-go make sure you dip your meat in the lemon and garlic sauce that will be at the bottom of your non-recyclable Styrofoam box. 

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