Friday, May 11, 2012

"Bay Cities" Deli - Santa Monica

If I were a rich stoner I would buy most of my groceries at this deli in Santa Monica where you can buy all kinds of products from Europe. There is amazing meat, fresh pasta, a large selection of wine, and all kinds of sweet and savory treats. The deli section has a selection of warm food and the sandwiches are so good I'm drooling just writing about it. There is usually a long line during lunch hours but they do prepare a few of their signature sandwiches in advance that you can just pick up from the counter if you need to be out of there fast. And if you decide to wait for your customized sandwich, you can grab a fresh loaf of bread to munch on while you wait. They have a delicious roasted tomatoes bread that you might accidentally finish before your sandwich is ready. No matter what, order the large one. Chances are you're going to be hungry after you smoke your digestive joint.

The most famous sandwich is the Godmother (Genoa Salami, Mortadella Coppacola, Ham, Proscituuo, Provolone). It's Delicious but after trying many combinations over the years I have found the perfect sandwich: It's the Caprese with Prosciutto. Every ingredient from the bread to the basil tastes fresh and the colors make you salivate as you unwrap the olive oil soaked sandwich. As the ingredients mix in your mouth, the combination of the melting prosciutto, the soft mozzarella and the crunchy bread becomes a pleasantly intense sensory experience. When I was done, I finished my meal with the Kinder that I bought at the cashier and drank my Orangina. It felt like I had just gone on a day trip to Europe.

Warning: Don't try to go on a Monday though, I have made that mistake many times!.... They are closed that day.

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