Friday, June 22, 2012

"La Cocotte et la Marmite" - Clichy

My friends always have the best chiropractor in the world, they always hang out at the coolest bar EVER!, and they always know the best restaurant in when I get a referral I'm always giving the restaurant a background check before stepping in the money sucker.

So when the man with a glass of wine in his hand told me to check out "La Cocotte et la Marmite" in Clichy, I went online to see what some of the previous customers had thought. They all mentioned an authentic and tasty french cuisine with a welcoming owner. Since one of my favorite things to do is eat french cuisine and one of my other favorite "things to do" is try new things we decided to give it a try.

The restaurant was nothing pretentious but we did feel welcome from the moment we walked in. The owner makes you feel like a VIP even on your first visit and you will start ordering items just to be able to chat with him again. Since it was a warm day, I started my meal with a cold cucumber and avocado soup with big chunks of soft goat cheese. My sister had a poached egg on top of an artichoke.

We ordered some wine that was from my mother's best friend's vineyard (Targé) and we were happy to see this familiar bottle in this cozy restaurant. The owner posed with the bottle for a few pictures with us and we resumed eating the delicious appetizers that were sitting in front of us. 

After the first course was over, our giant "Cote de boeuf" (beef rib) arrived at our table along with my sister's dish (Lamb and vegetables) and my mother's dish which was some kind of "tripes stew" which is why there shall be no pictures of her meal! ;)

The meat was perfectly cooked and tender and everything on our table was devoured in a record amount of time. I finished the meal with an orange and chocolate mousse and a delicious spliff once we got back home. I can't wait to go to this restaurant again and you have to try it on your next trip to Paris!

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