Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"Cousins Maine Lobster" Food Truck - Los Angeles

This weekend we went to the "Street Food Cinema", a celebration of great food, good time with friends, booze drinking in public, and a chance to experience the summer by watching a movie in the fresh smoggy air of downtown instead of sitting on a couch.

The park is located right across from the famous Los Angeles Coliseum near USC which they turn into an outdoor theater during the summer. After setting our blankets and coolers on the grass at the very end of the park, as far away from the screen as we possible could, we started roaming around the venue to decide what food truck was going to feed us. After wandering around and bumping into people carrying food, we decided to go to the "Cousins Maine Lobster" truck to order one Maine Lobster Roll and three California Lobster Tacos. We started waiting in the absurdly long line and gazed at the menu on the side of the truck. We added a side of Truffle Mac & Cheese from another truck and went back to our spot to enjoy our meal.

Contrary to a lot of other "Lobster Rolls" trucks, this one had a lot of meat and wasn't laced with stupid ingredients like Celery or mayonnaise.. There was a lot of meat in the rolls, it was just seasoned enough and lightly buttered and it was delicious. The lobster Tacos with he creamy cilantro sauce were tasty too and after we were done swallowing our dinner, we tried to get comfortable for the movie were were about to watch.

The movie they were screening that night was the funny comedy "Bridesmaids". It was a good thing I had already seen the movie because the screen was far away, the sound system was weak, and to top it off, we had a birthday party happening right in front of us with balloons filled with Helium blocking our view and chatty inebriated friends.

It was a beautiful summer evening and a great way to see "Bridesmaids" again and laugh with the rest of the crowd.

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