Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Yen Sushi" - Culver City

Located in one of the most notorious malls of Los Angeles lies a new sushi restaurant that offers a variety of fishy dishes with a beautiful view on their parking lot. "Yen Sushi" is a great way to end a shopping spree at the mall with a fantastic happy hour menu.

The menu is not only full of creative rolls and sushis but it also offers a variety of options for those who don't eat fish such as the "Tornado potato" and Asian dishes. The quality of the fish was outstanding and the presentation of the plates was elegant and original. Their happy hour menu includes a plate of sashimis (or sushis) including five sorts of fish with your order and they have Sapporo on draft for those who enjoy a large pitcher of beer with their meal.

We ordered a few different rolls including the "Rock n' Roll" "The lobster roll" and the "Spicy tuna on crispy rice" and they were all fabulous. Even their side of Wasabi was a visual delight.

The friendly staff made our drinks stronger when we kindly told them that they were a little weak, and finishing the meal off with a perfectly battered "Green Tea Ice Cream Tempura" was a real pleasure.

After a few beers and a few glasses of sake, you might even be inclined to give Karaoke a try since they also offer this service.


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