Monday, February 20, 2012

Redondo Pier Fish Market

Next time you go to Redondo Beach you have to stop at the pier. On the bottom floor next to the arcades is a small food court filled with small fish markets. I ended up at the "Quality Seafood" where you pick your own fish and they grill it or fry it for you with sides to choose from. (French Fries Garlic Bread, Macaroni Salad....). I chose to go with some sole and some Red Snapper. The marinade they throw on the fish before grilling it is delicious and they always cook it to perfection. There is every kind of fresh seafood you could possibly hope and even though the dining area looks a little run down it's some of the best seafood i've had around town. Plus it's affordable and there's a beer stand next to it offering cheap options too.

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