Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tornado Potato at the "High Times" Medical Cannabis Cup

I was at the Medical Cannabis Cup sponsored by "High Times" yesterday and had a fun time there. After getting our wristbands to access the "Medication Area" (Don't worry, if you don't have a prescription there's a doctor ready to help you out right in front of the security checkpoint) we got a giant hit of cannabis wax in our lungs and headed towards the food trucks. Having a food truck at a gathering of hundreds of stoners must be good for business and I'm sure that people had to fight for these golden spots. We tried to look for the smallest line before deciding to get in line for some "Tornado Potato". This food truck is genius in its own ways, it found a way to make potatao look even cooler than curly fries. They peel a whole potato in a way that it wraps around a stick and they fry it. There's not much to eat on there but it is visually enticing and the perfect munchies food. We chose the 'Tornado" that came with a sausage on the it was basically a hot dog wrapped with potato chips....and some Parmesan/garlic powder. It was surprisingly good but I would highly recommend trying one with the sausage if you end up at this truck because the regular Tornado seems like it would leave you wanting more.

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