Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Awash" - Los Angeles


I love to cook.

I love to open the fridge and wonder what ingredients I'm going to use for the next meal, I love picking the spices that will add flavor and colors to my gourmet concoctions, I love cooking with wine because it gives me an excuse to drink it during the process, I love creating new recipes and try them on some of my most daring friends, I love the surprised look on my guests' faces when they walk in the apartment and smell the delicious particles of goodness emanating from the stove and I love not having to wonder if the restaurant I'm in should be featured in the "Kitchen Nightmares" Series....However I do get lazy at times (or courageous) and after a long day of inhaling THC, I didn't feel like peeling, cutting and we headed out to one of my favorite comfort food restaurant in Los Angeles: "Awash"

When I was first invited to go to this restaurant, I was a little apprehensive and I wasn't sure what "Ethiopian" food, but I was more than pleasantly surprised. The restaurant can be a little hard to spot the first time you go there but with the help of your favorite GPS system is shouldn't be too difficult. The dining room is fairly small and has little decoration but the incredible service, the outstanding food and the smile on the friendly waitress make up for it. I pretended to look at the menu because I always get the same thing when I go there but staring at the different food items on the menu is not only mouth watering but it's also inspiring. We ordered their "Vegetarian combo" (A staple dish of this Ethiopian restaurant) that includes split pea, lentils, spinash, potatoes and other goodies and we added a side of "Zilzil Tibbs" (long strips of prime tender beef seared over hot charcoal grill seasoned with garlic, black pepper and purified butter) which is one of their most delicious meat item. After adding a beer to the order, I made my way to the bathroom to wash my hands because if you didn't know this already, you eat everything with your hands in an Ethiopian restaurant (with the help of some Ethiopian bread called "Injera").

The sizzling meat came to our table a few minutes later and we devoured this entire meal in only a few minutes.

This is the perfect place to come with a few friends and share a few dishes with a few drinks.

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