Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sustainable Fish: Arctic Char

About a year ago I learned a little it about fish sustainability at one of the dive club meetings I attended. To sum it up, we're eating too much seafood and the entire world is over fishing. I was torn. The scuba diver side of me was sad because not only do I enjoy seeing sea life underwater but I also enjoy taking pictures of these sea creatures. However the gourmet stoner in me didn't want to stop eating fish. This dilemma came to an end when we were all given "Seafood Watch Pocket Guides" that will help us choose ocean-friendly seafood wherever we live or travel. My hippies side quickly became hopeful again.

You can find a "Seafood Watch Pocket Guide" for your region on this link:

At the end of the lecture, the speaker introduced us to some sustainable fish that most of us had never heard of before and actually cooked it so we could give it a try. This tender and moist fish was called "Arctic Char"

Trader Joe's carries some frozen arctic char that never disappoints and I always buy some for the lazy evenings where I don't feel like cooking a whole lot but I also have no desire to eat junky delivery food.

I took the fish out of the freezer three hours before the diner which in stoner hours is.....a loooong time!
I marinated it with olive oil, lemon, dill and black pepper. A few hours later I cooked some gluten-free pasta and made a side of eggplant and mushrooms. I then threw the fish in the oven at 375 degrees for about 15 minutes (more or less depending on the size of the fish). 

Once the fish was cooked I topped it with some grated cucumber mixed with sour cream. All my personas were happy that night.

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